Cooking Rocks Challenge: Week 11 - Fun-due Dips for Cookies, Fruit or Cake

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Back on track with the Cooking Rocks Challenge, my son Nol and I decided to try a fun dessert - and what kid wouldn't like one called Fun-due. We made two sauces for dipping fruit instead of the suggested shortbread cookies. Not that I'm a anti-sweet freak...I just didn't want sugar overload so close to bedtime.

Nol's getting really good at measuring ingredients. He handled this task for the semi-sweet dark baking chocolate, unsalted butter, light corn syrup sugar and heavy cream. He also tossed all in these ingredients in a small pot while I handled the stirring on the hot stove. At the same time the chocolate was cooking, I made a peanut dip using the same ingredient but substituting peanut butter chips for the dark chocolate.  It took about five minutes to melt and viola, dipping time. We used strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and cantaloupe. The chocolate was clearly better than the peanut butter, but the dessert  was a perfect treat after a day stuck indoors thanks to continuous rainy weather.

Total prep and cooking time: 13 minutes for both sauces, including time to chop the fruit.

Next week: Mexican Rice Bowl and Cookie and Ice Cream Fill-Your-Handwiches.


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