Cooking Rocks Challenge: Week 11 - Monte Cristo and Elvis French Toast Sammies

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After last week's fiasco, the Cooking Rocks Challenge resumed this week to test out Monte Cristo and Elvis French Toast Sammies. Since Nol was on Spring Break, we picked this recipe for a lunch treat instead of the suggested  breakfast or breakfast for dinner.

Nol really enjoyed this dish because he was able to help out more than usual. After I sliced up the bread, he assembled the sandwiches. The Monte Cristo sammies were first - a blend of swiss cheese, turkey and ham. Next up, the Elvis sammies - peanut butter and bananas (sliced by Nol). We grilled these up an pour a touch of warm syrup on them.

Total prep and cooking time: 10 minutes

Overall, this recipe was too sweet for mom, but a hit with my son. Other suggestions that we'll try include using peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and bacon as ingredients. But very easy to make and a nice variation from the regular grilled cheese or PB&J.

Next up: Fun-due Dips for Cookies, Fruit or Cake

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