Girl writes letter to Apple Computer, gets legal "smackdown"

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O how I hate to hear these kind of stories, especially from a company that I like. Dave Caolo at our sister site, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), reports on Apple's seemingly harsh dealings with a young girl who had an idea and wrote a letter.

The third-grade girl in the article had a suggestion for an improvement to her iPod so she wrote Apple telling them about it. (Go, girl!) Caolo writes:

She received a reply...from Apple legal. The letter stated that Apple does not accept or appreciate unsolicited product ideas with all the warmth and humanity that you would expect from the legal department of a billion dollar company.

Caolo adds, "I don't know what this girl's teacher expected to happen, but I'm guessing it wasn't this. Apple has since apologized to the girl and is now thinking of implementing a new policy for interacting with kids."

Ya think?

[Thanks Tipster Kim!  You've been busy this morning!]

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