Target: I love you but...

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everett in target cart with car seatI love you, Target, in oh, so many ways.

One of those ways is not, however, your ease of use. And I'll tell you what I mean, specifically: it's your carts.

Just take a look at this photo here. I'll have you know that I came to your store, the one at Mall 205 in Portland, Oregon, with two children who both wanted to ride in a cart. Despite your huge store with wide, wide aisles; your carts only have one seat.

No matter. I put Truman, my 11-month-old, in a sling. And proceeded upstairs to get a new car seat for him. He's getting so big!

And you see what happened? It didn't fit. None of your car seats would have. In fact, a good percentage of your large items can't possibly be wedged in the cart.

Instead, I balanced it precariously and proceeded to push the cart gingerly through your store, holding my large baby in the sling. The box fell out three times. Maybe four, I lost count. And what's worse, I conked my poor son on the head a couple of times.

Please get carts that fit your merchandise, Target. Then I'd love you a little more unreservedly.

[p.s. I do love my evenflo car seat, Truman quite enjoys riding in it and it's a nice plaid color.]

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