It's tax time: this mom is proud of her bouncing baby deductions

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getting my tax deductionAmong the majority of my working mama friends, it's the woman of the household who's in charge of the budgeting; even those where mama makes less than half of the family income, or whose work is extremely part-time. And so when April rolls around, a mom's thoughts turn toward the 1040.

Given my state of permanent procrastination, I'm struggling just to prepare to file for an extension by tomorrow's tax deadline, with my husband loyally performing the duty of Chief Filing Officer. But it's not an unwelcome task. I find a great deal of satisfaction in the part where I carefully enter the social security numbers of my sons and register those lovely deductions and child tax credits. After all, it was (quite literally) my own sweat, tears and anguish that
brought my bouncing baby tax burden reductions into the world.

Who does the taxes in your household? And do other moms take as much joy in finally reaping the financial benefits of your many hours of painful, difficult labor as I do?

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