Seventh Generation publishes book on natural cleaning

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seventh generationDo you worry about cleaning your house with toxic chemicals, but you aren't sure what you should use instead? Look no further than Seventh Generation's new book, Naturally Clean, The Seventh Generation Guide to Safe & Healthy Non-Toxic Cleaning.

There have been books written before about how to clean your house naturally, with recipes galore. It seems as though this book is taking a slightly different approach, though. Instead of giving you a bunch of recipes with vinegar and castille soap, it sets out to educate you in changing your household environment for the greener. Help with reading labels and identifying toxins, how to choose green products, cleaning the air in your house and natural solutions to stain challenges in every room are sections of this book.

As usual, Seventh Generation proves it is a company dedicated to not only educating its customers but also meeting their needs. Bravo.

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