The toy jail: healer of sibling rivalry

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I'm not proud. But I admit: I use the play pen largely to negotiate toy battles.

Everett (you know) has all the best toys. No matter what he's playing with that day, it's the only thing 11-month-old Truman wants and he's desperate to get it, at all costs. Naturally, this causes angst. And at not-quite-four years old, Everett's still struggling with the concept of sharing. He will share, when forced or in a particularly friendly mood, but it's not yet a given.

A good 50% of the time when Truman heads for Everett's carefully-designed trainscape or his favorite airplane puzzle, I go for the easy way out: I stick Truman in his pack-n-play with a bunch of (baby-approved) toys. I eliminate sibling rivalry and choking hazards in one fell swoop.

I like to call it "toy jail." Lazy or practical? Feel free to judge, but I prefer a house with a minimum of high-pitched screeching, "Truman's playing with MY TOYS!"

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