Kids' questions: do you answer any you shouldn't?

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Last night on Desperate Housewives, Lynette Scavo's eight-year-old son, Parker, was curious about vaginas. He started asking some uncomfortable questions, leaving her with an imprecise description of a really big hug that magically planted a seed in a mom.

This sort of thing wouldn't happen in my house, where I'm all too eager to answer the most abstract questions. "What are those words?" Everett asks at the beginning of his Thomas the Tank Engine movie. "Those are just all the people who own licenses," I said. "What are licenses? Can we have some of those?" asked Everett.

I launched into an explanation of what licenses were, and how the people who own the brand Thomas aren't the same people who make the movies, the clothes, the toys, and the trains. "We have lots of those trains, right?" asked Everett.

Guess my answer was incomprehensible. And maybe I shouldn't be worried, then, about the obvious confusion after my description of how the process of leasing out empty retail space worked, or why he couldn't (after all) invest in stocks as they advertised on CNBC. Do you try to answer questions that really should wait until your kids are older?

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