Pregnant robot gives birth!

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From our sister blog, Engadget:  There are robots that can build cars, there are robots that can search for bombs, there are even robots that can search for life on other planets.  But now?

There are robots that can give birth.

is reporting that a brand new robot named "Noelle" will soon be helping to train obstetric medical students all over the world.  Noelle is a $20,000 blonde mannequin built to simulate a pregnant woman giving birth, including providing appropriate vital signs, such as blood and urine.  Noelle's "baby," to whom Noelle can actually give birth, can also indicate associated vital signs, including turning from pink to blue to indicate oxygen deprivation.  Noelle can be programmed to go through a normal delivery, or a human operator can force various complications to arise to help students learn how to deal with them.

This is fantastic.  I'd give anything to actually see this baby in action.

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