San Francisco Supervisor makes history by giving birth

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San Francisco Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier made history this week, "becoming the first elected official in San Francisco to give birth while holding office."

Alioto-Pier delivered a healthy baby girl. Adding an amazing twist to the story, just minutes before the supervisor gave birth, she became acting mayor for 24 hours, subbing for Mayor Gavin Newsom (a mayor known for his bold moves) who was out of state.

Alioto-Pier is "not expected to take maternity leave...She has introduced legislation that would allow a city supervisor or commissioner to participate and vote in meetings via teleconference if the official is pregnant or has just given birth." Explaining why she introduced the measure, Alioto-Pier explained:

Women should never be in a position where they must choose between the health and safety of their unborn child or performance of the duties of their elected position...Women will never break through the glass ceiling and achieve real equality if they cannot hold office and have a child at the same time.

Right on, sistah!

[source: SFgate; thanks tipster szander!]

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