Sidewalk paint: the sweet sweet sounds of spring

Do you hear that? Listen... It's the sound of a quiet house after school. My house is getting quieter these days because Spring has officially arrived. My children are shedding their backpacks on the kitchen floor and racing from the backdoor to the freedom of the front porch as fast as their little legs will carry them. In past years, I have had some trouble trying to convince my boisterous boys that going outside was a good idea. "But there are bugs." They say. "They won't hurt you." I say.

"Can I take a book?" They say. "No." I say. But I found something this weekend while shopping for Easter baskets that has gotten the kids outside without any coaxing. What? Did the title give it away? Yes! Sidewalk paint! Am I coming late to the party? Does everybody know and love this stuff? I mentioned it to two of my neighbors and they didn't seem to know anything about it. I know I would have noticed it before. I've always been a big fan of sidewalk chalk-- but this stuff rocks! The kids can paint rocks, paint sticks, paint the sidewalk, paint the tulips, they can paint anything, and a little rain will wash it away. On really hot days, you can just hose the kids off before they come back into the house.

And the best thing of all? The kids really seem to love it. And anything that gets them voluntarily out in the sunshine is worth the $9.99 I shelled out for it.

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