Medicating kids for flights

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Interesting read on the phenomenon of parents giving their children a dose of medication to help them sleep while travelling, especially by air when their child's unhappiness might affect other travellers.

The article cites a poll at about the issue. 33% of 3,657 parents said they would never sedate their child for a plane flight and 24% said they've never needed to. 18% of parents said they have and would do it again and another 20% said they've considered doing so.

The article claims the issue is more about different parenting phiilosphies than it is about actual safety concerns. The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't have a position on the topic. One expert, Richard Gorman, past chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics' National Committee on Drugs, says, "If you asked 100 pediatricians, you'd get 20 strongly in favor, 60 who didn't think about it much, and 20 strongly opposed."

I'm not planning on giving my opinion on this topic because you've broken me Internet. I can't take your character judgements so my opinion will remain my own. But I'm sure no one in the Blogging Baby audience will read the original article and have an opinion of their own. Because our readers never have any strong opinions.


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