Neat toddler alarm clock

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Lots of my friends have employed the digital clock in their kid's room telling them it's not time to wake up until the clock says 'Seven-Oh-Oh'. When the kids were too little to read the clock, they wrote what the clock would look like on an index card next to the clock. It worked for all of them.

This clock though does it in a much cuter way and cuter is always better. Not really but cuter is always cuter.

It's called Kid'Sleep and it starts as a simple nightlight for babies and grows with kids with an illustration telling kids (with a parent-set timer) if it's time to be awake, or still time to sleep. Finally, for older kids the small digital clock off to the side acts as a traditional alarm clock.

It's all perfect....except it's only available in Europe at this time. Sniff. [Link via Thingamababy.]

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