Denise Richards calls Charlie Sheen abusive

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You know, divorce is always painful. Regardless of the cliche, it's true. And sometimes divorce is ugly. Especially when there is a custody battle. And especially when there is suspected abuse.

I have been reading with growing horror and fascination today about the charges that have come to light from Denise Richards regarding Charlie Sheen's alleged behaviors toward her and their two daughters. Sheen's camp insists that Richards' seventeen pages of allegations are untrue, and that he will take the higher road by not responding in kind. It is so hard in these situations to turn away.

And despite the discomfort I feel in this situation, I don't think this is a typical sensationalist story. Denise Richards first filed for divorce while she was pregnant with her second child. She did not go public with any of this information at the time. She attempted a reconciliation. I don't think she is attention-seeking. But I do think that in cases where domestic violence is suspected (even if it is "only" emotional), toward women and children in particular, that we should pay a quiet attention. Of course Sheen is innocent until proven guilty. What I am interested in in this situation is not so much the fact that this case has the names of celebrities on it. Because we can't prove anything.

I am interested in the allegations themselves, because regardless of the man who commits such acts, and regardless of the women and children who are subjugated to them, they are abusive. And so I think it's important for women to read these allegations if they are in marriages in which they suspect they and their children are being treated unjustly. Because if your mate is behaving in any of these ways, then there are resources available to you. There are victim support agencies, shelters, and restraining orders available to you. All you have to do is look in the phone book and then make a quiet phone call.

I don't know what to think about the Richards/Sheen case except that I hope there can be healing for everyone involved.

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