Bedwetting can be curbed through diet

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I wish I had known about this a year ago! My son Christian was a late bedwetter. He hasn't had trouble with it for several months (knock wood!), but this information would perhaps have been useful. According to a pediatric urologist at Baylor All Saints Medical Center in Forth Worth, Texas, parents can combat bedwetting with some simple dietary changes. Dr. Kirk Pinto says caffeine, chocolate, and citrus can lead to more problems with bedwetting. He recommends that parents stick with milk and water.

At first I thought, "Well, I never let my son have caffeinated pop before bed!" But it's true that there was chocolate after dinner enough that it could have caused problems if he were particularly sensitive to it. Interesting. I tried to curb his drinking before he went to bed, and also tried to wake him up to use the bathroom before I went to bed (which helped-- he often just slept through wetting his bed). But eventually, I suspect he just grew out of it.

How have you tried to help your child through late bedwetting?

[Thanks to Aliesha for the link!]


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