Talking about sex with your kids... a little more help

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Karen Walrond wrote last month about how to talk about sex with your kids. Thank you to our reader, Ethel, for providing another resource. Birds and Bees and Kids is a business run by Amy Lang who conducts workshops with parents to help them feel comfortable talking to their kids about sex.

I have to wonder, though, about some of her answers to questions like, "How old should your kids be when you talk to them about sex," and "How often should you talk to your kids about sex?" Because she doesn't provide any on her website. Before I would hire someone like this, I would want to make sure that her answers coincided with mine.

As for me and my house? We operate on a need to know basis. They ask questions. I answer them honestly and accurately. And I don't provide more information than they ask for. How do you do it?

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