Adventures in parenting: the chocolate freak

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Truman, whose first birthday is tomorrow, has begun to distinguish himself as a true chocolate freak. It was our anniversary yesterday, and given that I had an entire category of blogs launching first thing in the morning, my husband celebrated by buying several chocolate bars and handing them to me bit-by-bit as I furiously emailed, IM-ed and blogged.

For Truman, it was like a baby scavenger hunt where every treasure is yummy and deserving of pressing into his slobbery maw. Got chocolate? Truman will make you feel as if you are the only one who can save him from certain sweet starvation. I found him today scaling his high chair. His mission? A few squares of leftover chocolate. I could open a bar two rooms away and in seconds Truman would come toddling toward me, grabbing onto my leg and using every bit of strength to drag himself up to the milky cocoa-liciousness.

I can't blame him but his passion and focus are overwhelming. He'll go through any amount of struggle or discomfort for chocolate. I only hope he's as smart as he is sweet-toothed so I can teach him not to follow any manner of Pied Piper bearing a Hershey's bar. I keep wondering how much chocolate is too much for a baby. For Truman? I think the daily limit is somewhere between a couple of candy bars and a double-wide box of truffles.

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