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Karen Walrond posted earlier today on Gadling, our sister blog. She pointed out that once kids enter the picture, you can never think about vacations again. When considering vacation destinations, suddenly you have a little, demanding, potentially LOUD person to deal with. Suddenly those romantic B and B's and seven-course meals? Are a thing of the past.

But have no fear! Karen has some great links to Budget Travels vacation ideas. They are fabulous. One of them is for farm vacations for kids ages 7-9. This one caught my eye in particular, because it matches my kids' ages nicely. It also suddenly reminded me, in a rush, of how much my kids enjoy themselves when they travel to my in-laws' farm in Pennsylvania. Suddenly, it doesn't matter one whit that they can't watch TV, play on the computer, or use an X-Box. There are chickens to feed, eggs to collect, cows to count and look at, a donkey, a great big dog to play with, and acres and acres of land to run around on. It had never occurred to me before reading the article on Budget Travel that visiting a farm could be a great vacation destination-- but what a fabulous idea!!!

Thanks for the links, Karen!

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