Gyrobike: the end of the training wheel?

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Check this out from our buddy site, Engadget:  There is, apparently, a start-up company that has used technology developed at Dartmouth University to develop a gyroscopic flywheel

, you ask, is this important to me

, I answer, this gyoscopic flywheel can attach to the front wheel of your little one's bike, removing the need for training wheels.  The flywheel, through some sort of scientific magic, helps the bike steady itself whenever the rider begins to lose her balance.  "It actually makes it easier to learn to ride a bike because this is actually how people ride and recover from falling," said Errik Anderson, a venture capital consultant who is helping the company, called, logically, GyroBike.

The product is expected to retail for about US$40, and Gyrobike is already talking to the six largest kids' bike manufacturers.

I can't wait to see this.  Because, really, when you think about it, there comes an age (rather quickly, I expect) when your child isn't ready to ride on his own, yet training wheels are just uncool, don't you think?

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