Mother's Day: when your mother is far away

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My parents live in another state. I live in Missouri, and they live in Utah. To get to visit them requires a full day of traveling if we fly. I know, I know. Karen's parents live in a whole different country. I shouldn't complain! But I have been feeling slightly desperate about my mother living so far away lately. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and spinal stenosis, both of which make traveling very difficult for her. I miss her, and with Mother's Day approaching, I am determined to do something about it before I resort to ordering an elaborate flower display on Saturday.

My mother doesn't use the internet, so I can write here pretty freely about what I want to do for her this year. I bought a small, pretty journal at Borders. The idea, when I bought it three weeks ago, was that I would write in it daily for her. That I would write letters to her, and send her the journal to read as a gift. But then I realized that I just don't have time to do it justice before this Mother's Day. Her birthday is in October, and that seems a more reasonable time table. But I am going to do a variation on the journal-- with photographs. She made me a baby book of my life with her, before I began my life as an adult. So, I don't see why I can't make a book for her of my life since I moved out-- particularly since the time I lived with her and the time I've lived on my own are nearly equal now... I am going to make her a baby book of her baby and her grandbabies. All of my kids not only write, but also draw, so they are going to be contributing comments about their baby photos and art work. This is going ot be a family project for her. And then I am going to federal express it to her, so it will get there overnight...

What are you and your kids going to do for YOUR mother this year?

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