Tales of a one-year-old (take two)

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Truman turned one year old on Friday, and I've just gotten to the computer to focus on him. Despite his overwhelming sweetness and perfection, the poor kid, he just does not get as much attention as his older brother.

For Truman's first birthday, there were no themed invitations, few outside-the-family guests, no presents from mom & dad, not even a big #1 candle. I forgot the candles entirely, in fact, so busied myself photographing him stuffing delicious cupcakes in his mouth.

He's such an amazing boy, and so different from his older brother. Where Everett is light and bright, Truman is dark and serious; where Everett is zany and dramatic, Truman is calm and focused; where Everett shunned the large variety of foods offered him for favorites, Truman happily eats everything he can fit in his mouth. They're equally smart and flirty but Truman has this soulful stare that melts everyone with whom he makes eye contact, whereas Everett is in-your-face silly and sweet but never soulful.

Truman is walking, now, and it's funny and amazing to me that, although he walked about the same age as his brother, that instead of taking a few steps and then reverting mostly to crawling, Truman has adopted this walking thing as a serious, major effort. He walks as though his life depended upon it -- but it's a happy life!

What I love most about Truman is his flirtatiousness, with both me and with strangers of every hue. There's nothing so sweet (or, let's be honest, annoying) as when he climbs onto my lap, puts his arms around me and lies his head on my shoulder. I hug him so tight I worry about bruising his ribs.

Truman's a wacky sweetheart, full of silly dering-do. Although every day is more challenging than the last, I love that I get to usher this child into the world and introduce him around. He's sure to always be the belle of every ball.

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