Adoption is love: raising money to help more kids find homes

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Crystal Cave Designs has launched a fundraiser, featuring a new bracelet. The bracelet is called Adoption is Love, and made from colorful crystals representing beautiful families and their children. Forty percent of all revenues from the sales of the $35 bracelets will go to support charities such as the Dave Thomas Foundation, Colorado Heritage Camps, and the Pearl S. Buck International's Welcome House. What kinds of funds do these organizations need? They are working hard to try to make sure that all children have a fighting chance at permanent placement. In the U.S., there are currently over 500,000 children in foster care. They not only need funding for their clothing, food, toys, and basic living requirements, but state agencies need assistance coordinating permanent homes for these children.

I suppose adoption is an issue I feel strongly about because my brother and I are adopted, and because I think how easily we could have been one of these children whose lives must seem rather desperate.

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