Mothers against measles

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The New York Times is currently featuring an article on the mothers of Nepal who are " foot soldiers in one of the great unfolding public health triumphs of modern times: the global push to slash the number of children who die from complications of measles."  The article cites the story of Mrs. Gurung, who literally invites her neighbours to come into town and have their children innoculated against measles.

The campaign is working:  since its inception a year ago, the number of measles-related deaths in the country has fallen by 90%.  "Vaccinating children against measles is the greatest return on investment for child health that we have," said Dr. Mark Grabowsky, former adviser to the Red Cross for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "It's the low-hanging fruit."

Really heartening story -- shows what we moms can do if we put our minds to it!

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