Spray flu vaccine works better for babies

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From MSNBC.com:  It appears that spraying the flu vaccine into the noses of children under five may provide them significantly more protection than the traditional injections.

A study, considered "one of the largest comparisons of flu inoculations ever performed," found that the spray vaccine was 55% more effective than traditional flu shots when given to 8,000 children under the age of five.

“Our current thinking is that to control influenza, we really have to vaccinate all children,” said Dr. Robert Belshe, who led the  study. “Anything that makes it easier and more effective (to vaccinate) children is going to contribute a lot to the protection against influenza."

Currently, the nasal vaccine FluMist is sold only for children age 5 and over.  The manufacturer plans to seek govermental approval to sell the vaccine for younger children based on the findings of this study.


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