Tanning parlors advertising in highschool newspapers

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Some bits of news absolutely make my skin crawl. Stories about fast food restaurants in schools are bad enough, but this morning I ran across one about tanning parlors advertising in high school newspapers. Of the twenty-three school papers in the Denver area, 48 percent carried ads for tanning. Many offered specials for Spring Break and Prom. School publications are not permitted to run ads for tobacco products or alcohol, but there are no such regulations in place for tanning beds, this despite the fact that the World Health Organization has recommended that no persons under the age of 18 should be exposed to UV tanning beds.

I must admit that I spent a bit of time in a tanning bed during my high school years. The desire to have beautiful, movie start skin was too much to ignore. Unfortunately, the results were always the same and I ended up burned and tender in places I would rather not be. I quickly learned my lesson and discovered that skin cancer is ugly and that tanning creams are a fairly decent substitute.

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