Beauty in simplicity: bubbles

We are currently on our third, and last, child in our home. There is a seven year age difference between our youngest and middle child and an eleven year difference between the baby and our oldest son. In the time we were rearing our older two kids the market for children's toys saw some serious evolution. Currently there are so many hi-tech toys on the market for young children that it boggles the mind. Some of the toys truly are a wonder of imagination and educational fun, but others are just an unfortunate combination of blinking lights and noxious noise.

For my money I have to say that bubbles are still among my, and my children's, favorite pastimes. The simplicity of blowing a shimmering globe of quivering wetness through a round hole has yet to run its course for us. My preteen son can often be seen blowing bubbles for his little brother as they both giggle. Our daughter sings bubble songs to her little brother as he dances about in a bubble cloud. And Devon and I will occasionally use an entire small bottle in one sitting.

This is not all to say that we will never indulge in the noise toys. We have before and will again. But for a mere $1.99 per gallon, bubbles are some of the best entertainment available. Do you have a bubble story or recipe? If so, please share it with our readers.

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