Preventing Diaper Leakage

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We can send people rocketing into space, cure disease and clone animals, but somehow nobody out there has managed to create a diaper that prevents the cursed “blow-out” that leaves car seats stained, baby uncomfortable, and Mom scrambling ineffectively to contain the mess.

 I have tried buying larger diapers, I’ve tried binding the sticky straps tighter, I even attempted the cloth diaper process for an (admittedly short) time.  I’ve even resorted to avoiding certain foods (prunes, for example) with little to no success.

 I live in fear of the dreaded “blow out” in Grocery Aisle 5 or while browsing for books in the library.  Some mornings I delay appointments and errands till the afternoon, when the likelihood of being hit with a public blowout is more remote. Remote does not mean never, though, and there is not a lot more unpleasant than being stuck in traffic with a very indignant, messy baby.

 I can't find anything on the Web with a definitive solution for diaper disaster.  But I think there has got to be a leak-proof diaper out there somewhere. If someone invents one, I’m buying a lifetime supply.  And if anyone has the ultimate solution for the prevention of diaper disaste using currently available diaper technology,  I (and the customers in Grocery Aisle 5) will be eternally grateful.


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