Mother board game

Just in time for Mother's Day:  the Mother Board Game from Uncommon Goods.  People, I'm intrigued:  the game is for 2 to 16 players, and each participant can choose one of 4 moms --  "doting," "overbearing," "passive-aggressive" or "best friend" -- and answer psychology and pop culture questions about mothers.  First person to make it "In The Will" wins.

Dude, based on this, I TOTALLY know which mom I'd play.  With the mom I had?  Shoot -- I'd have "passive-aggressive" down cold.  (Love you, mom!)  Of course, when my daughter's old enough, I suspect based on my mothering skills, she'll know exactly how to act as the "overbearing" mom...

Yours for US$30.00 (ouch!).  I couldn't get find any information on whether or not they ship internationally, either, so you might have to contact them directly to see if they deliver to your area.

Out of curiosity -- which mom would you play?

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