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Words I thought I would never utter, "We need another computer. Now." Homes cluttered with too many computers are overindulgent, or so I have always thought. With so much just outside the patio door why does the family park themselves in front of a monitor clicking, pecking, surfing?

Now that I make more of an income from sitting in front of our PC I get it. Scheduling everybody else's 30 minutes around my time has become cumbersome and annoying. After all, why do they need it? What are they doing with their computer time that merits the honor of sitting in the rolling chair and touching the keyboard? Thirty minutes in never really just 30 minutes, it always stretches into at least 45 minutes. Arguing over who gets to use it next takes even more time. And trying to write while somebody perches over my shoulder and asks every 90 seconds, "Whatcha doing Mom? How much longer will you be?". That got obnoxious a long time ago.

To solve these problems and make me a better mother we are looking for a laptop to adopt into our family. We will love it, nurture it and give it a good life. Do you have these issues? Are your children constantly poised and ready to pounce on the keyboard when you have to get up for sustenance or a bathroom break?

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