When Baby Won't Eat Vegetables

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Item # 3754 on my things-I-was-ignorant-of-before-giving-birth: the naive notion that what my baby ate would be my decision.

When Nolan was 6 months old, my Mom asked me if he might like to try some baby custard, because she is a Grandma and don't all Grandmas feel an inherent need to feed their Grandchildren sweets?

Well, I expressed horror and disdain for the custard, because my child was going to be fed organic vegetables and I was going to ensure that sweets didn't interfere with his appetite for veggies.  And he would grow up to love spinach and carrots and green beans and be heart and healthy ever after, yes.

So, of course I was humbled with a baby who does not like any vegetables.  I know, the articles say, do not give up!  Keep trying with the veggies, they're an acquired taste and babies change their minds all the time!  Well, I've been trying for 3 months now and Nolan refuses every vegetable except for sweet potatoes, and that's only if he's very hungry.  And so I've been covering his green beans with a layer of applesauce and feel guilty that I am ruining his taste for vegetables.

But lately, he's on to me.  And he'll purse his lips and turn away if he even catches a whiff of carrot underneath all that banana. 

So, what's worked for you?  What is the best way to help your baby develop a taste for vegetables?

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