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My parents live in another city, about an hour's flight away.  So Nolan has been on a plane eight times now, with his ninth trip coming up at the end of this month. 

Airplane travel can be pretty stressful with a baby.  Between hauling him and all his baby gear and trying not to flash my breast at fellow passengers who are already disgruntled at having to sit by a baby and attempting to keep him happy during the flight, I usually arrive with a dozen new grey hairs and buckets of sweat dripping down my neck.

And then, after the perils of travel, I have to wait in special luggage for his car seat to arrive and plan a visit to the second-hand store to find something for him to sleep in.

Now, there's a solution.  Wee Travel has opened in Toronto and Vancouver, and provides new-model rental baby equipment such as car seats and pack n plays.  This allows families to travel without all that heavy, cumbersome gear.  I am definitely going to be looking them up next time I'm in Vancouver - goodbye, Mister Massive Tedious Car seat!

Baby's Away offers a similar service for those of you traveling in the United States.

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