Forbes names top ten most generous celebrities

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Forbes Magazine has recently named the top ten most generous celebrities in the world -- and their acts of charity are impressive.  Not surprisingly, Angelina Jolie makes an appearance on the unranked list, but so do Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey and Jackie Chan -- all for children-related charities (did you know that Jackie Chan was taken in by the Red Cross as a child when he first came to the United States from China?).  The list and the members' associated charities are definitely worth reading.

And before you say that these celebrities have so much wealth that what they give is a pittance, or that it's merely a PR ploy, let me respond by saying in advance (a) their "pittance" -- often in the form of millions of dollars -- still does a lot of good, and (b) so what if it's a PR ploy?  At least they give, and people are benefitting!

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