Teething Remedies

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The trauma of teething must be so traumatic for a little babe.  I ponder the searing pain at the top of my mouth when I bite into a too-hot piece of pizza, or the awful feeling of a scratch in my gum from some overzealous chewing and I think - my poor little baby must be seriously traumatized by all these random razor-sharp things suddenly invading his poor tender baby mouth.

Nolan has four teeth cut and two on the way and he has been waking up 3 or 4 times a night, tearfully stuffing his fist in his mouth and bleating his displeasure.

This website has some tips on how to cope with a teething baby and how to alleviate some discomfort, including:

  1. Rubbing the gums
  2. Teething rings
  3. Cool compress
  4. Keeping baby dry
  5. Over the counter pain medicines

So far, none of these have worked well for us. For Nolan's first couple teeth, chilled celery worked wonders.  But he's moved onwards and upwards from that and now I am at a loss trying to help him cope with the pain.  What's worked for your teething baby?

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