Dangers of internet explained to kids

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The Internet is good for so many things: information can be pored through, communities can be formed, the world can be made smaller.

These days, Internet communities are as common with modern kids as giggly prank calls were when we were younger. 

The dominance of My Space - a virtual community where friends and strangers can post stories, photos, and personal information - is as commonplace amongst school-age kids as television and cell phones.  It's estimated that more than half of eighth to twelth graders have some kind of personal account online.

It can be a source of harmless networking and mindless fun - but there's also an ominous side, and law enforcement want parents to be aware.

According to a Sherriff's presentation made in Albany this week, one in four 10 - 17 year olds have had unwanted exposure to sexually explicit pictures online, and one in five have received sexual solicitation.  The presentation demonstrated how a preditor could take an email address and a little brother's name, spend 20 minutes online and learn a kid's full name, schedule, and home address.

Scary stuff.

This article has tips for web safety for kids - and tips for parents to protect their kids while respecting their privacy.

Family "contracts" on Internet blogging and networking can be found here. It's worth looking at if you're concerned about what your kids may be doing online.

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