Jennifer Garner gets ready for Mother's Day in Cambridge

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Well, I wasn't expecting to find out the answer to my question from yesterday: Where's Waldo? Actually, my question was, "Where's Jennifer Garner?" Ben was sited out walking with Violet, fetching coffee. Our readers cracked me up by asking where the drink holder was on the Afflecks' fancy, Rolls Royce of a stroller.

Turns out Jennifer was/is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where husband Ben is shooting a movie. She was hanging out with Violet, in this picture, right before Mother's Day.

Do you think Jen ever feels odd that at this time last year, she was denying her pregnancy? Probably not-- I didn't reveal my pregnancies for the first twelve weeks, and it's the only chance for privacy celebrities have.

Happy First Mother's Day, Jen.!

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