Mothers of the heart, we salute you

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Tomorrow is Birthmother's Day. Did you know that? If you are adopted, what do you do to celebrate it? If you are a birthmother? As Mother's Day approaches, I am feeling rather self-conscious about all of the attention and horn-tooting being devoted to mothers. Because I know this day must be filled with pain for many many women: Those who have lost children. Those who have miscarried. Those who are trying to conceive. Those who have placed children for adoption.

Motherhood is so charged-- the current media is filled with stories about women who are castigating each other about Motherhood issues: Stay home or work outside the home? Spank or not? Breastfeed or bottle? How many children should you have?

Well, we are insensitively cutting the hearts out of those women who would give anything to trade places with us, if only to have a child. If only to hold a child of their own in their arms.

You *are* mothers. You are mothers to the babies of your hearts. You are mothers to the babies you have lost. You are mothers to the babies you are trying to have. You are mothers in your souls. Your quiet anguish does not go unnoticed.

As Mother's Day approaches, please know that we honor you. We support you. We salute you.

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