A soccer mom's duties never end

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For reasons completely beyond my understanding, we spent several hours of yesterday, Mother's Day, watching our son play a game for his U14 soccer team. He is now in a competitive league which means that blowing off a game simply because his mother wants to spend the day with him is unacceptable. I really do try to be a good soccer mom. But I haven't the foggiest idea of what provokes the referee to call for a foul or a penalty kick. Offside issues are way beyond my grasp of strategic athletic concepts. And when asked who is winning or what the score is, the other mothers know to never ever ask me because I obviously do not know. But I always try to pretend I understand the game and that I am interested. But on Mother's Day? Who was planning this? Why?

I had planned to give myself a little Mother's Day gift and remain home to work during the game. When I asked my son if he minded, he shrugged his shoulders a bit dejectedly and said it was all right with him. After arguing with my inner Jiminy Cricket for a few seconds I asked him if he would rather I come to watch. When he threw his arms around me and gave me a kiss, I had my answer. "Why not, " I thought to myself. "After all. it's Mother's Day. I'll do as I please."

And I did. Our boys won. My son played great, but who am I kidding since I only ever watch him and have virtually no interest in the game if he is not on the field. We breathed the mountain air, felt the breeze on our backs and cheered for our son. All of it was far better than pecking away at the keyboard. The only thing I wish could have been different? The moms on the other team had brought mimosas. Why didn't I think of that?


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