Oh babies, how I want more of you

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Last night, I must admit, I lost it a bit with my boys. They're both doing this screaming thing now, to get what they want, and I just wanted a few moments alone! I tore my hair and then settled them both down for bed so I could have an hour or two of peace. It didn't last long. All night long, as we tossed and turned together (Truman co-sleeps and Everett always crawls into bed with me somewhere around 3 a.m.), I wondered when I'd be able to just sleep alone.

And then today I hung out with Larissa at the "Alberta Art Hop." We were selling our latest lark, bonnets and baby carriers and tees and onesies and what I'm calling "teething birds" made with vintage and recycled fabrics. Naturally, it being a nice day in Portland's baby central, we saw dozens of pregnant bellies and an equal measure of tiny newborns.

And oh, how I wanted to feel that feeling once again, that sleepy eye-rubbing newness, that falling-in-love, the time when every breath is full of the wonder of brand-new life. I wanted a baby again, a tiny mewling hand-clenching newborn.

I wasn't the only one. Larissa joined in my wishes, although if you want to know the truth neither of us ran home and checked our ovulation calendars or anything. Maybe I won't be trying to get pregnant in the next weeks or even in the next year. But oh, I want. I want.

[Photo Larissa Brown, teething bird Barbara my own. In Portland? We'll be 'round 29th & Alberta tomorrow.]

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