Hooter hiders cause controversy

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Recent distribution of a line of nursing covers in Vancouver has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, according to this article.

"Hooter Hiders" are special cover-ups that allow nursing mothers to feed their babies in public while remaining fully shielded from the public and allowing Mom a clear view of her baby. It's causing fierce debate between breastfeeding advocates who believe that such a product returns women to "the dark ages" with the unspoken suggestion that it's not appropriate to breastfeed without cover. 
Proponents for the product argue that some women are uncomfortable with their breast partially exposed in public, and they should be able to have access to whatever products make them happy.  Some also say that the public should not be subjected to  "a dinner plate sized nipple" (I know, I know.)

As a breastfeeding Mother, I'm fine with products like this.  I do wish they'd chosen a slightly more dignified name, however.  Hooter Hiders just reminds me of orange shorts and owls. 

Anyway, I am not comfortable nursing in public, for my own reasons, and I think my preference to cover up is my business.  If I want to wear a gigantic 10 foot tent to conceal my breasts, so be it.  I also fully support women who want to breastfeed completely exposed in the middle of a restaurant if they're comfortable with it. 

What do you think?  Do products like this nursing cover send a message that public breastfeeding is distasteful?  Or should they be encouraged for the comfort of the general public?

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