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A woman in Scotland recently gave birth (via Cesarean, which fills me with great relief) to a 12 pound 13 ounce baby.   The Mom's bump was reportedly very large prior to the birth, but there was no indication that the baby would be quite this big.

The article made me wonder.  Nolan was 9 pounds, 14 ounces when he was born and my highly experienced OB had told me days before his birth that he was going to be "an average sized baby".  Regardless, I firmly believed that my baby was going to be enormous, partly because his dad and I are very tall people, and partly because I wanted to mentally prepare myself for the agony of giving birth to a toddler-sized babe.

In the end, the agony was not to be as I gave birth via c-section.  I am grateful that Nolan was exquisite and perfect and that I did not give birth to a 22 pound 8 ounce baby (the biggest baby ever to survive, bless his Mother's dear heart)

Was your baby the size you expected him or her to be?

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