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Tipster Kate turned us on to this article about for-profit breastmilk banks, where women can donate their breastmilk -- and in turn, other women can purchase the milk.  According to the Human Milk Bank Association of America, demand for human breast milk rose 28% last year.  One such bank, the Mothers Milk Bank in San Jose, has been collecting, testing, pasteurizing and delivering safe breast milk to hospitals and parents with babies in need for over 30 years.

"It feels good to be giving something my body made to others knowing that they're getting the best food," says Carrie Holmberg.

As an adoptive mother, I think I certainly would've been interested in knowing about these banks when my daughter was still a baby; however, at upwards of $3 per ounce, I'm not sure I could've been convinced to switch from Enfamil.

What about you -- would you purchase breastmilk from a for-profit bank?  Would you donate?

Update:  From commenter, Lara, below:

The San Jose MM Bank is not a for-profit bank! It's part of HMBANA, the non-profit organisation. The recently-established for-profit bank is Prolacta (collection arm the "National Milk Bank") - which sells milk to hospitals (not direct to women) for over 1000% of the HMBANA price.

Thanks, Lara, for the clarification.

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