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Nadine is a first grader who lives in Montana. She just turned seven years old. She is undergoing chemotherapy for the second time in her life now. The first time, she had a Wilms tumor on her kidney. The kidney was removed (she was in kindergarten) and she underwent radiation and chemotherapy. And the cancer went away.

Until last week. She just had surgery to remove a tumor the size of a golfball. Okay, let me say this again. She just had surgery to remove a tumor the size of a golfball. She is seven years old. My friend Susan, who brought this to my attention, said, "Other people's kids can just break your heart." That is so true.

Nadine has a 50-50 percent chance of recovery. This is not Wilms again. It is something different. Something aggressive. Nadine loves princess cards. So, the writer of Who Made This Mess has come up with a small campaign to make Nadine's life a little brighter. And I would like the campaign to get bigger. I want everybody who reads this post to make Nadine's life a little brighter. Please send a card, preferably a princess card, to Nadine. She has a wonderful friend in Homestead who set up a P.O. Box to retrieve and deliver the cards. Nadine just entered the hospital today to begin chemo.

When my youngest child was in the hospital, nobody knew. Nobody knew, nobody called, and nobody came. It was the loneliest week of my life. Please help Nadine and her family to have a better one. You can send the cards to:

c/o Miss Rodeo Montana 2006
PO Box 6951
Helena MT 59604

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