Blogging baby sleepover for Friday May 26

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When Nolan takes his very rare, blink-and-you'll-miss-them naps, I should be mopping and sanitizing and applying lip gloss so I look fresh and pleasant when his Dad gets home.  What I do instead is:  I frantically inhale my favorite Mom blogs in search of some common ground to which I can cling to while sinking in teething and applesauce and prune-induced diaper goodies.  Then I might do a load of laundry or two hundred.

Here are a few Moms who rescued me today.

Shanntastic talks about why fungal rashes are not a lot of fun, but naked baby bums sure are.  They are the funnest of fun and the cutest of cute, I agree.  While you're over there, please note the Happy Birthday picture she posted of her husband.  She discusses the merits of his "comic book reading" arm and his baby arm muscle and it's all very cute.

I just found Mom 101 through another regular blog read and it's a whole new blog circle I've never discovered before!  Today Mom 101 embraces her inner nerd and reminds me of Grade 7 when I watched that movie about forty times in a row.  Mom 101 hasn't been in the blogging game very long, but she has a really unique writing voice and has already built up quite a fan base.  There's good reason for that, so you should go check her out.

And finally, I know I mentioned her once before, but Linda is worth mentioning again because she's that good.  I believe she's one of the best writers in the Blogosphere, Mom or not, and now she's got two blogs so I can obsessively read both.  At Purple is a Fruit today, she talks about the strange urge to dispense parenting advice when you totally don't believe in offering parenting advice.  And she also discusses the brand new phenomenon of comparing Internet babies.  I know just what she means, because I do it too (Nolan's head is the biggest baby head on the Internet!  Is that bad?)    Go say hi, and have an excellent Friday night.

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