The stress of waiting for a diagnosis

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post regarding some food and weight concerns I have had for my nine-year-old daughter. Two weeks, several blood tests, a couple of urine screens and an ultra sound later the doctors are telling us that she might have some malnourishment but at this point the cause is physical rather than psychological. It appears that she has blood in her urine. The blood tests and ultrasound indicate that her kidneys and liver are functioning just fine. After conducting a physical the doctor does not believe she is entering puberty, which means she is not yet menstruating. She will have a CT scan next Wednesday to look for kidney stones as the source of the bleeding.

Waiting is the hardest part during this time. When our youngest son, now 21 months, was nine-weeks-old he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. As hard as that was, we had no idea of it before his appointment. During the office visit we were informed of his diagnosis, treatment and future prognosis all in one visit. Awful, yes. But it was quick and we were given all the information in one swift blow. But as this situation with our daughter drags on, the questions and fears loom.

I have decided that regardless the outcome, we will continue to find happiness and laughter in our days. Our daughter is a wonderful sparkle of life and to weigh down her time with fears and doubts is not fair. We have explained what is going on, what the doctors are thinking and what the next step will be. She seems content to leave it that, so that is where we will also leave it. What about our readers? What do you do when you are waiting for that phone call?

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