Same-sex storks raising adopted chicks

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From Yahoo!News:  Two same-sex stork couples in a zoo in the Netherlands have taken to parenthood quite nicely -- each stork couple has adopted and are raising stork chicks.  According to the article, "a pair of lesbian storks were given two eggs to sit on, while a gay male couple was given one egg to nurture.  Staff were unsure if the gay storks would have a natural urge to raise offspring, but were surprised to find the birds embraced parenthood."

The zoo spokeswoman Esther Jansen said now that all three chicks have hatched successfully, "The gay storks look after the eggs and the chicks just as well as our heterosexual birds."

Kinda blows that whole gay-parenting-is-just-not-natural argument out of the water, doesn't it...

(Thanks to Dana for the tip!)

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