Robot technology assists bedridden children learn

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This story is amazing. A company in Toronto, Canada, called Telbotics, Inc., joined with Ryerson University and The University of Toronto to develop a new technology that will help bedridden students continue to learn... with their classmates. Researchers have created two robots which have display screens with cameras in them. One display screen goes to the school, and participates in the classroom as if it were the student: It is mobile, and can even navigate hallways and move from class to class. The school robot can raise its hand when the hospitalized student has a question. It can "see "the teacher, classmates, zoom in on the chalkboard, and participate. In return, it also allows the teacher to see the hospitalized student (and to know if the student is not paying attention).

The robot at the hospital displays the classroom, but also photographs the young patient. The two robots are connected via the internet, so it does not matter where a student is hospitalized. This amazing new technology allows the student more social interaction than having a tutor or teacher come to the hospital: Students' classmates have been shown to adapt quickly to the robots and to begin viewing the robots as the student. The controls needed to operate the robot are no more difficult than those of a videogame.

The technology may also be useful for autistic students who need a more controlled social environment. Right now, Telbotics makes robots available on a loan basis to hospitals. Simply amazing!

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