A soccer mom's duties, continued

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This summer, as many people are well aware, the World Cup games will be played in Germany. This is a huge athletic event that many Americans do not quite seem to grasp. In Europe this event has taken over and the soccer hoopla is way beyond anything our Super Bowl frenzy will ever be. In just one week, 32 t teams from around the world will gather to compete for the ultimate soccer trophy: the World Cup.

This all well and dandy, and watching the games is good fun. My son, the avid soccer player, and all of his soccer buddies are giddy at the thought of all those soccer stars playing all those many games. And what's more, they intend to watch the games. All of them. In my house. This poses a few problems. The time difference means that some of the games play during the middle of the night here. If the kids want to watch them live, and if four years ago was any indication when we had four boys camped out in our living room night after night waiting to see their idols, they must stay up late or get up super early.

I want to support the boys. To have healthy role models in this day age is a good thing. The inspiration to get off the couch and on to the playing field after viewing these games is wonderful to see. But the thought of hearing them tromping about my downstairs during the middle of the night in not inspiring for me. So I am considering upgrading our cable package to a Tivo sort, purchasing the World Cup package, the fee to be split among the other soccer moms, and letting the kids watch the games at their leisure. I figure that as long as they don't watch the news, pick up a newspaper or search the Internet, they could easily view the games during the day and during more human hours.

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