Aussie moms quickly resume sex life

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A new survey of 500 Australian Moms shows that 78 percent of new mothers are having sex within 8 weeks of giving birth. A further 18 percent are sexually active within 10 weeks. Meaning 96% of Australian Moms have resumed sexual activity by the time their babies are about two months old.

I went back into my blog archives just now, to see what I was thinking at around 8 weeks post partum. I was firmly entrenched in a slightly panicked, foreign routine including diapers and breasts. I couldn't laugh without my feeling like my innards were going to pound through my stomach lining in a vicious attack on my belly button. I was mesmerized by my baby and my eyes felt like someone had rubbed sandpaper in them and I wondered vaguely if I would be stuck in this repetitive, sleepless state for very much longer.

Without giving too much away about my personal life, I must say that this study did not resonate with me. Oh, Mother of Hilarity, it did not resonate at all. Those Aussie women have a lot more game than I do.

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