Blogging Baby Size 6: Toddlers and water activities

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I have made no secret of the fact that my toddler kicks my butt everyday as I try to keep up with him and all his needs. Having been a working-outside-of-the-home mother with my other two, I am truly struggling as a work-from-home mom with this one. It is a fabulous experience, but one that leaves me quivering with exhaustion at the end of every day. We have recently discovered water, in small and not so deep amounts. Water keeps him content for at least 15 minutes, 25 if I time it right. Following are a few simple, and free, activities we have been doing to entertain ourselves during the ever warming afternoons:

  1. Water balloons. Yes, I know, not age appropriate. But before we get all in an uproar, read on. I fill the up ballons for the older two kids, and any others who happen to congregate around the spigot in the park. Then Devon and I watch as the big kids chase each other and pelt one another into wetness. We usually end up wet and laughing at the spectacle.
  2. Super soakers. Again, my toddler is too small to operate one, let alone haul one about when it is filled. So we give them to the big kids, give him an empty one and he trails after them pretending to participate.
  3. Slip and slide. Not much can beat a hot afternoon, a length of wet plastic and screaming kids. Devon hasn't yet gotten the hang of the run, dive and slide technique; he runs, stops and then throws himself on his belly and lies there laughing.
  4. The hose. This is handy for chasing our dog and the neighboring cats. So fond is his love for cat patrol that the dirt in our yard is no longer the favored potty spot for the many felines in our condo complex.
  5. The turtle sandbox, or pool. We have an empty turtle sand box that in the afternoons I have begun to fill with an inch or two of water. The number of stuffed animals and household items that Devon thinks deserve a cooling swim is mind boggling. But this one keeps him happy for a good half hour.
  6. When all else fails, or if I can't catch him fast enough, there is always the toilet to flush.

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