Plastic surgery for teen sisters

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The other night I was watching a bit of Dr. 90210, a secret guilty pleasure that I sometimes indulge in after the children have gone to bed. It was a repeat episode from Season 3 in which two sisters decide to seek plastic surgery within a few weeks of each other. The older sister, 24, chooses to have considerable liposuction, a chin implant and rhinoplasty. The younger one, age 17, opts for breast implants, she had already had rhinoplasty prior to the show. Their mother accompanies them to all of their appointments and is hoping the procedures will bring the two siblings closer together. We see their lifestyles before and after the surgeries, hear from their friends, boyfriends and their mom and hear how happy the girls are with their bodily improvements. A couple of the younger sister's friends express concern for her; they worry that two surgical "improvements" at such a young age are not healthy for her. The mother does not express such concern, saying that it is her daughter's choice and it will bring her self-confidence and happiness.

Now I am not to say that I don't sometimes fantasize about the improvements/perfection that a surgeon's knife has to offer. But the growing trend in plastic surgery procedures among teens is alarming. These girls are so young. they have no idea what life will bring to them, how it will change their bodies and how they will feel in ten, twenty, thirty years.
What do our readers think? Plastic surgery in teens a good thing?

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